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My career coaching packages do include exploring alternative medical careers for a broad range of medical and healthcare professionals. In term of doctors, whilst competition for the best medical schools remain fierce, equally some graduates are concluding that medicine wasn’t the right career choice for them. For that reason, they are choosing to pivot before starting medical school training but can sometimes struggle to know what alternative medical careers are available to them. Furthermore, some medical students recognise during their degree that medicine isn’t for them and make an often difficult decision to leave the course. In such circumstances I would always advocate, firstly, to speak with a course tutor.

But of course, it’s not just doctors but others too who may feel that another career awaits them. I have often been asked about alternative medical careers for nurses or many of the allied healthcare professions. In essence, it comes down to reflecting on what career would bring you the most job satisfaction, knowing your strengths, passions and visualising the type of career you would like to have in the future. It goes without saying that coaching would involve a very practical decision-making element that narrows down career options until a final decision is made.

What are the ‘transferable’ skills when exploring alternative medical careers?

Generally, having a medical-based background means that you will have developed a broad range of transferable skills that you can utilise for alternative medical careers. Typically, those skills would include team working, leadership, problem-solving, communication skills, decision-making, working under pressure, time-management, analysing data and planning.

Understandably though, it can still be difficult to know where to start when it comes to seeking an alternative medical career. You may recognise that you possess these transferable skills but be unsure of how best you ‘sell’ them in another role.

I would work with you to make sure all your branding, marketing material showcases all the relevant qualities required for your next role. We can work on a tailored CV which allows an employer to understand the many benefits you could bring in your next role. 


For an A-Z list of alternative medical careers for doctors, see this list as a starting point of the exciting career opportunities available!

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