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Writing your medical consultant CV

 I will, of course, always endeavour to help anyone requiring a new CV with a very quick turnaround. In exceptional circumstances (and usually a fast-track additional fee), it can be done in less than a week. However, you should normally allow for 3-5 working days for a first draft following our initial consultation and then an additional 2-3 days for each following edit.

Certainly, I appreciate that most doctors are time-poor when it comes to writing a medical consultant CV from scratch. So my writing and editing services can be a great help in ensuring yours gets shortlisted for interview. Unlike many other CV writing services, I offer a full hour’s consultation with you firstly to fully understand the role for which you are applying. During our discussion, I will extract your relevant skills and experience to ensure your medical consultant CV is closely tailored to meet the requirements of the role.

I’m worried my medical consultant CV is lacking in leadership experience ….

In general, this is not uncommon for many doctors needing to portray management experience on their medical consultant CV.  Understandably, it can be challenging to find weighty, high-impact management examples just after training.

However, as part of our discussion, I will endeavour to help you to build on your existing experience. At the same time, I will use the right language to enhance any management activities that you have carried out. To that end, I will create a strong medical consultant CV which showcases your skills and achievements.

During our initial consultation, you will be surprised at how much management experience you will have acquired! In my opinion, many doctors fail to recognise that a lot of their actions are actually ‘management’ activities. For example, organising teaching, leading an audit, mentoring team members.

I can assure you that your medical consultant CV will hit the mark on a leadership section. Importantly, it will demonstrate that you are ready to be a consultant.

Please enquire here if you would like to know more about my CV writing and editing service.

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