Leaving medicine

Leaving medicine is often the desired option for many burnt-out, tired clinicians. Having worked with a large number of healthcare professionals who have contemplated leaving medicine, the outcomes are varied. Whilst some have gone on to leave medicine entirely, others have tweaked their medical career. For example, from being a ward nurse to a community nurse. Additionally, others have considered emigrating to work abroad or have taken early retirement. And others still have found alternative professions that utilise their clinical skills in another capacity altogether.

It’s widely known that the medical profession has been renowned for being one of the most stressful professions. Sadly, since the pandemic, many healthcare professionals have reached the point at which they feel they want to leave medicine. Understandably, the challenges during this period have been overwhelming. For this reason, many have expressed grave concerns about their poor mental health and general wellbeing. Therefore, this has led to a take-up in people wanting to explore other professions beyond a clinical one.

Career coaching can help to support you to understand whether leaving medicine is the right decision.

Why leaving medicine might be the best decision you made!

There is a cliché saying that ‘life is short’. But it really is! And critically, even if that means leaving medicine!  So why waste years and years in a role that makes you feel so unhappy, exhausted, undervalued and more? Why not consider what else is out there in the big wide world? 

Undoubtedly, fear of leaving medicine and the unknown can be a terrifying prospect. Because of this, many fear that they are unemployable in other roles. However, this decision might get made without fully exploring the options available to them. Furthermore, many just don’t know how they can sell their multitude of transferable skills. Importantly, these may be skills which are highly sought by other employers. Additionally, the prospect of becoming self-employed may feel just a little too daunting. And finally, there may also be a fear around leaving the security of an NHS job.

Change can be exciting too!

However, instead of fearing change, why not consider the prospect of leaving medicine as an exciting one? To put it another way, it could offer an exciting, fresh new start. In essence, a chance to consider everything you have learnt and acquired along with new, challenging opportunities. And importantly, an opportunity to explore other roles that could bring you increased career fulfilment.

Career coaching around the notion of leaving medicine will help you to rediscover yourself, whatever your decision. To conclude, it will give you a chance to self-reflect, understand your strengths, values and motivations. Furthermore, it offers an opportunity to consider where you want to be headed next in your career.

In summary, there are many alternative career options for experienced healthcare professionals. Above all, exciting careers that could offer your clinical skills to be utilised in a less pressurised setting. If you’re ready to discuss options around leaving medicine, I’m here to support you.

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