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Preparing for a medical school interview

I have extensive experience of coaching students for their medical school interview and have successfully helped hundreds of applicants to gain a place at medical school. Indeed, many of my medical consultant clients have rebooked my services to help their own children prepare for a medical school interview! 

Having worked with ISC Medical for a number of years, much of my work was based around supporting clients to prepare for their medical school interview. For that reason, I built up vast knowledge of the different requirements of each medical school and also became very well acquainted with the typical themes. To that end, I can support students across a broad variety of topics including:

  • Motivation for medicine
  • Personal insight and self-awareness
  • Knowledge of medical school
  • Team work & leadership skills
  • Communication/empathy skills/breaking bad news
  • Ethics
  • NHS hot topics
  • Ability to handle pressure/stress
  • Oxbridge medical interviews
  • MMI style-interviewing


For many students, this is often the first time they will have ever encountered a medical school interview experience. So I understand how daunting and tough it can be to fight for a competitive place at medical school.

With this in mind, I ensure that my sessions are not too overwhelming whilst still challenging enough to ensure that they are fully prepped and ready to take on a medical school panel.

How many sessions do you advise for a medical school interview?

I cannot explicitly advise on the number of sessions required for a medical school interview as it depends on previous interview experience and ability to embed the interview techniques. Generally, for a first-timer, I would advise the 4-hr package. At least for many students this seems to work well because the first 2-hrs can be used to brainstorm answers, build on the structure and get a feel for general medical school interview questions.

Following that, a further 1 hour session would allow for consolidation of the previous learning. And finally, a mock interview practise for the remaining hour is an excellent way to test out the learning and gain personalised feedback. Whilst this is a popular package, it is of course, very individual and some will require more or less sessions. For this reason, I find it best not to over-stipulate but instead, offer the option to book further sessions as required whilst still benefiting from the longer package discount.

If you would like to book one or more coaching sessions for support with your next medical school interview, please get in touch with me and do also state the name of the university for which your son or daughter has been invited to interview.

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