“I am never complacent about each success that my clients tell me about – it’s why I’m passionate about what I do. I love supporting others to piece together the working part of their life to work out a best career fit, increase confidence and self-belief to nail an interview, to seeing someone find a new lease of life in a role they could never have imagined doing”

Julia Sinclair-Brown

Some careers are planned. Some are chance, luck, or being in the right place at the right time. I’m a little bit of both. I didn’t start out knowing I wanted to support others in medical and healthcare careers.

My early career began as an aromatherapist and training as a counsellor before I swapped the holistic world for a business one in HR, Recruitment and Learning & Development. And so I cut my teeth in the world of telecommunications whilst working for Network Rail & BT and the Finance division of the major global defence company, BAE Systems. Most of my work was based around recruiting, supporting and developing professionals in project-based roles.

After leaving London and starting a family, I made the decision to become self-employed and ‘fell’ into an amazing opportunity to work as an associate. I began coaching medics to develop in their healthcare careers with the top leading provider in medical training, ISC Medical, over a 9-year period.  As an Interview Coach and CV Writer, my role was to support junior doctors, GPs, medical consultants and Clinical Directors. 

My journey working in medical and healthcare careers …

Although I was achieving great success for my clients, I decided to return to academia. I qualified with a Postgraduate Diploma in Career Coaching from the University of East London. It was fantastic to be asked to contribute by my Head of Programme to write about healthcare careers in his academic book ‘Coaching in Professional Contexts.’  

After qualifying in 2015, I set up my own business, and since then, I’ve offered career coaching support to a much broader range of healthcare professionals. That has included doctors, nurses, clinical and medical directors, pharmacists, occupational health doctors & nurses, psychologists, physiotherapists and more alongside supporting academics and leaders in wider healthcare roles.

Beyond healthcare careers …

Recently, I have begun working with the team at Medic Footprints, the leading organisation of alternative careers for doctors, offering medical CV writing and interview skills for medical interviews. My other interests lie in the area of well-being and over the past few years, in addition, I have delivered courses on resilience and mental health training for managers with MIND, the mental health charity.

I speak monthly on Black Cat radio, a popular Cambridgeshire radio station covering a broad range of career, health and wellness subjects. Other local media coverage includes an article I wrote about the uptake of nursing students since the pandemic. You can read about it here in the Hunts Post

I thrive on the reputation I have and that’s why so many of my clients come back to me for further help with their healthcare careers, sometimes years later. Often, I coach their partners, family members, and friends too … I believe it’s all about building relationships, offering exceptional value and continuing to learn both professionally and from my clients. Coaching is my passion and I can truly say that I love my job.

Opportunities don’t happen. You create them.

Chris Grosser

And my personal story ….

Life ticked along fairly well for me until I experienced deep tragedy by losing close family members over a short period of time.

I managed to keep working steadily for many years, at times, crazy busy, but reached a point where I couldn’t ignore any longer the effect that grief was having on my mental health and I had to slow down and pause. After throwing myself into a myriad of different types of therapies, I knew I wanted to write (and later realised this was part of my healing). 

I started out with a book idea but that swiftly merged into a self-help course in bereavement. I questioned at the time whether I should pursue a career in bereavement support  but came to a decision that I could do both and now also offer bereavement training for HR and managers through my other business

They say that which doesn’t kill us makes us stronger! I couldn’t agree more … I don’t think any of us can experience life-changing losses without reflecting on our lives. It made me think hugely about how I want to live the rest of my life and the work I want to do.

So why am I a Career Coach supporting healthcare careers?

I couldn’t have been a Career Coach if I didn’t genuinely care about people, but my own experience of significant loss opened up deeper layers of empathy, understanding and importantly resilience and the inner strength that we all have.

That’s why I feel that career coaching needs to involve the whole person, not just the job and it’s why I bring a unique style and depth to my approach to working with clients. I’m not your average career coach – I truly want the best for others – in all areas of their life.

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