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Some careers are planned. Some are chance, luck, or being in the right place at the right time. I’m a little bit of both. I didn’t start out knowing I wanted to support others in the medical world. But since then, I’ve built up extensive experience with thousands of hours spent supporting doctors and other healthcare professionals.

During those earlier years, much of my support was in coaching for medical interviews, medical CV writing and progressing a medical career. And I still support those wishing to continue in their clinical careers.

However, in the past couple of years, post-pandemic and a lot has changed in the NHS with the pressures becoming overwhelming. Much of my work now has evolved into supporting both doctors and nurses wishing to explore alternative non-clinical careers. 

This experience has led me to become an industry expert in helping clinicians to navigate a broad range of exciting opportunities that exist beyond the medical ward.

With an earlier background in HR, Training & Recruitment, I’m able to leverage my experience to help healthcare professionals understand what a recruiter would be seeking in an applicant. 

Equally, I’m able to help individuals to acquire a commercial mindset which is needed to transition to industry, be it in a self-employed or employee capacity. But often, this can be quite a challenge to adapt to a completely different way of working compared to the structures of the NHS.

But I wouldn’t enjoy my own work if it wasn’t challenging for me too! In this regard, I never fail to get a buzz every time one of my clients makes a positive career change that either gives them the work-life balance they crave or an opportunity to venture into new pastures!

Essentially, it is my aim to help healthcare professionals to work towards an enjoyable, sustainable and rewarding career. 

“I am never complacent about each success that my clients tell me about – it’s why I’m passionate about what I do. I love supporting others to piece together the working part of their life to work out a best career fit, increase confidence and self-belief to nail an interview, to seeing someone find a new lease of life in a role they could never have imagined doing”

Julia Sinclair-Brown

Some of my career experience & highlights past and present include:

* 13 years’ experience as Medical Career Coach

* Postgraduate Diploma in Career Coaching

* Associate coach for Medic Footprints

* 9 years working as an associate coach with ISC Medical (leading training company for medical interviews & career development for doctors)

* Co-wrote healthcare chapter in the academic book “Coaching in Professional Contexts” by Christian Van Nieuwerburgh

* Workshop delivery in medical careers with The Faculty of Medical Leadership & Management

* Career articles & CV Reviewer for The BMJ

   Four reasons why all doctors should be on LinkedIn

How to avoid burnout as a doctor

* Trainer for TTN Training and Thornfields Training Consultancy (training and management consultancies focused on primary care)

* Earlier career working in HR, Training & Recruitment across a variety of roles in industry

“I have been working with Julia for several months and she has helped me in securing a job of my dreams. She advised me to email and approach private providers. If it hadn’t been for her suggestion I wouldn’t have a new job. She was kind & compassionate throughout coaching offering great advice. Thank you”


So why am I a Career Coach supporting medical careers?

I couldn’t have been a Career Coach for healthcare professionals if I didn’t feel passion for the sector. I really enjoy the stimulation of working with healthcare professionals and think you do an amazing job. And I genuinely get a great deal of job satisfaction in seeing people thrive in their careers and believe everyone deserves that opportunity. We spend too many hours at work to put up with roles that either leave us burned out or which don’t bring career fulfilment. 

I thrive on the reputation I have and that’s why so many of my clients come back to me for further help with their medical careers, sometimes years later. Often, I coach their partners, family members, and friends too. For me, it’s all about building relationships, offering exceptional value and continuing to learn both professionally and from my clients. Coaching is my passion and it’s why I do what I do.

Check out what my previous clients have said about me on my Google reviews.

Beyond medical careers …

Further interests lie in the area of wellbeing. In addition, I have delivered courses on resilience and mental health training for managers with MIND and other wellbeing training organisations.

My career highlights also include being a guest speaker on Black Cat radio, a local Cambridgeshire station. There’s nothing quite like having to think on my feet whilst being interviewed on a broad range of career, health and wellness subjects! Other local media coverage includes an article I wrote about the uptake of nursing students since the pandemic. You can read about it here in the Hunts Post

When I’m not coaching, I enjoy yoga, long walks in nature, singing in a choir (the occasional open mic) and schlepping all over the country to watch my son play his football academy games! I love learning both at work and in my personal life and my latest project is learning Spanish so that I can eventually escape the dark, wintry months in the UK for sunnier climates!

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