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Learn how to master techniques for medical interviews

Medical interviews can be tough. And you need to ready and prepared for them. You may be a skilled, dedicated medical or healthcare professional driven by values to make a difference but that’s not always enough. So investing in medical interview coaching can be transformative in nailing your next job interview.

Medical interviews for the most sought-after jobs will always be competitive. That’s a top reason why you need to be one step ahead of the competition by knowing how to create compelling answers to those NHS interview questions.

Medical interview coaching can benefit you wherever you are on your career journey, whether it’s a medical specialty interview to a senior non-clinical management role.

With my tailored one-to-one interview coaching you will see an immediate increase in your confidence and techniques for medical interviews so that you can convince the panel that you are the best person for the job. I won’t teach you to ‘transform’ yourself into trying to be someone you’re not. The aim is to be you on a good day; a slightly more outgoing, positive, more energised version of your everyday self.

Gain powerful techniques in how to sell yourself authentically and maximise every opportunity to stand out 


Medical interview coaching will help you to gain all the tools you need to present as a credible, compelling interviewee with the potential to excel. It helps you to understand the hiring process from the recruiter’s perspective, so that you can learn how to master NHS interview questions and score highly against the metrics. You will gain competence in applying successful interview techniques and develop a full understanding of how to stand-out as a candidate through presenting yourself authentically but with confidence and ease every time.





Is it right for me?

Yes, it is right for you if you want to make sure that you have given yourself the best opportunity to secure your next role.

Coaching can help to:

  • Make a positive, memorable first impression and continue to build rapport to create a strong connection with the interviewers
  • Develop skills in preparing and articulating your pitch and selling your academic & clinical background and your professional experience with conviction
  • Structure powerful responses to competency-based, motivational, strengths-based, ethical and criteria-based interview questions
  • Demonstrate your competence in other non-clinical areas such as teaching, research, quality improvement and clinical governance
  • Develop powerful answers to management questions that convey strong leadership skills, the ability to drive change and develop new services
  • Demonstrate your resilience skills and ability to inspire and motivate a team

Packages start from £495

  • Demonstrate cultural fit and alignment with the trust values
  • Ensure you convey an up-to-date understanding of current NHS challenges in your field of medicine or healthcare
  • Improve your performance through body language and demeanour, voice projection, pitch and pace of speech and eloquence
  • Overcome interview nerves and imposter syndrome and develop coping strategies to deal with interview anxiety
  • Prepare for different situations including panel, video and phone interviews
  • Understand how to behave and excel in group tasks, assessment centres, role plays and MDT interview-scenarios
  • Prepare for pre-interview visits including who you should speak to and what questions you should ask


To get further help with mastering answers for medical interviews, read my blogs on Common NHS interview questions:

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Julia gets results! I got the job I wanted as a direct result of Julia’s interview coaching. Her deep understanding of the interview process and her ability to deliver constructive criticism in a way that’s easy to accept made it possible for me to make the necessary adjustments to perform well in what was previously to me a mystifying and intimidating process. Though I hope I won’t need them any time soon, I’m going to keep her contact details close just in case! Thanks Julia!

James Alvarez

Clinical Lead Psychologist

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