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I’m thinking of leaving medicine but it’s a major decision. How can coaching help me?

If you are thinking about leaving medicine, you will not want to make the decision lightly. Understandably, it’s a huge decision to make and one that you will need to contemplate carefully so as not to have any regrets of leaving medicine. Career support can help to explore your feelings, your strengths and qualities and to be certain whether it is the right course of action. We can explore the vast expanse of other potential careers that you could do with a medical degree. READ MORE


What are the top medical interview tips for CT/ST interviews?

Whilst interview technique is, of course, important for CT/ST interviews, not all the stations can be prepped for as some of them will be testing certain skills on-the-spot, ie. communicating bad news. However, knowing what to expect is half the battle and puts you in a much stronger position to feel in control at your interview. READ MORE


Do you recommend using a medical cv template to work from?

Yes, I do recommend using a medical CV template. I see many fantastic candidates that just aren’t selling themselves on their CVs and usually, it’s because they just don’t know how to write a good medical CV. Therefore, those individuals could potentially be missing out on job opportunities since a CV usually forms the basis of an application form. Having a medical CV template to work from can help to get the structure right at the very beginning. READ MORE


I have a medical consultant interview coming up, have you worked with many doctors applying for consultant positions?

Absolutely! I have literally coached hundreds of doctors for medical consultant interviews. Whilst working at ISC Medical, requests for one-to-one coaching for medical consultant interviews was very much an in-demand service. Having gained a wealth of experience, I am very well-versed with what to expect from medical consultant interviews and have successfully supported many doctors to get the job they wanted. READ MORE


I have a nursing interview – what should I prepare for it?

As with other types of medical interviews, there are key areas of a nursing interview that you should know about and prepare for in advance. It goes without saying, that preparing a bank of suitable examples to key competencies stated on the job description is an essential part of it. In addition, depending on the level of seniority in the role, you will also need to prepare for questions on leadership and managing others. Finally, you might also need to consider your answers to questions on research, teaching, clinical governance and ethics. READ MORE.


My son has a medical school interview and needs to improve his interview skills. How can you support him?

Having worked with a vast number of students to help prepare them for a medical school interview. During this time, I’ve gained indepth understanding of the requirements of different medical schools. To support this, over the years I have received a number of testimonials from very happy students who were successful in getting in to their chosen university and started their exciting journey on the path to becoming a doctor. I understand that medical school interviews can be daunting and I work with individuals to increase both their skills and confidence to gain a place at medical school. READ MORE


I’ve experienced bullying in the NHS, can you support me with this?

Alarmingly, there is a high rate of bullying in the NHS and it’s often considered as part of the ‘culture.’ However, this should not be the case in any circumstances as the impact of bullying can be very damaging. I understand that you may feel uncertain as to whom you can speak to but my coaching will help you to address the situation at work, can help to re-build your confidence skills and find a way to move forward from it. READ MORE


Can you write my medical consultant CV in less than a week?

I do often get asked about quick turnarounds for writing a medical consultant CV.  To that end, each answer is different depending on my current workload at the time. Wherever possible, I will do all I can support you to get your CV written up quickly so it’s always worth asking me! If I cannot meet your deadline, I will give you a realistic date for completion. READ MORE


Can you help with alternative medical careers for all healthcare professionals?

Indeed, I can support anyone seeking an alternative medical career. I recognise that many healthcare professionals are feeling burnt-out and exhausted from working in the NHS and need to find an alternative career to support their wellbeing. For this reason, coaching can be invaluable to help you to have some time to reflect on your next career move and help you to understand the transferable skills that you could bring to a new role. READ MORE

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