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 To achieve career fulfilment, we need to nurture our careers and always keep reviewing them. And we should never be complacent about that. 

You’ve likely spent years studying or building a successful medical or healthcare career. But maybe you feel stuck, have reached a crossroad or can’t get past the interview nerves to come across as a convincing candidate.

As we’ve moved well into post-pandemic stage, you might be feeling burnt-out, exhausted and even begun to question whether you want to continue in a medical role. That’s totally understandable and you’re not alone as more medical professionals are seeking alternative career options away from the clinical environment.

Whatever your reason, the best jobs will always be in demand. Yet, working out the best route to pursue them and securing yourself a position in one of them can be competitive so you need to give yourself the best chance of success.  

To support you, I offer a range of coaching and writing services.

Career Transition

Interview Coaching

CV Writing & Reviews

“Hi, I’m Julia

I can help to get you where you truly want to be either in your medical career or in an alternative non-clinical career.

I’m a firm believer that career coaching is a partnership whether that be the short or longer-term to give you the space to reflect on your experiences, understand your value and give you direction.

I will support you to gain absolute confidence in yourself and your decisions, maximise your opportunities, career progression and gain a sense of fulfilment in your work”

Julia Sinclair-Brown

You are passionate, dedicated and driven to make a difference in the work you do 

As a skilled medical or healthcare professional, you are focused and career-driven and have demonstrated high levels of determination and commitment on your career path to get to where you are now

When we work in roles that are all about the health and wellbeing of others, it’s easy to put others first.

You’re driven by values.

Asking for help for yourself isn’t always easy, but …

Wouldn’t it all be a little easier to have the support and guidance of someone who can really understand, inspire and motivate you to achieve career fulfilment and work-life balance?

You’ve worked this hard to get where you are, you don’t deserve to leave your next career opportunity to chance.

“After spending eight years at my previous company, my interview skills certainly needed fine tuning. Around the time I contacted Julia I was at the second stage of the interview process so it was absolutely crucial that I nail the interview by demonstrating how my skills and experience aligned with the job requirements. Julia helped me to prepare for the interview by going through key questions that would typically be asked during the interview process, she always provided constructive feedback on how I could improve the delivery of my responses. I’m so happy I contacted Julia and as a result was better prepared for the interview, this was significant contribution to me getting the job!”

Linda Gbenedio

Pharmaceutical & Drug Development Contract Manager

“I was considering a career change. Julia was very helpful in guiding me through
different choices setting out a structured approach for me to follow. She gave me
homework assignments, to research possible careers and we discussed the results
and how to get there. This saved me a lot of time, helped me to make better informed
decisions and propelled me to make change in what can be a difficult step in one’s

Rob Carrigan

“Julia was a perfect interview coach. She gave me extra time to support my learning,
and extremely helpful, targeted and useful feedback. I believe her support helped me
gain my position on the very competitive midwifery course! Thank you Julia!”

Amira Haque
Children and Families Safeguarding Social Worker

“I loved working with Julia who helped me prepare for my consultant interview posts recently. She both supports you and challenges you, which is the perfect mix if you are struggling with nerves but also want to perform at your best. We worked through a range of questions over series of Zoom sessions, that were tailored to my level and area of expertise. My interview performance went from average to a very high standard. Would highly recommend to anyone wanting or needing the extra nudge needed to get them through the next step in their career! Highly recommend! Thanks Julia x”

Caroline Wright
Locum Consultant Obstetrics & Gynaecology

“Julia was an excellent coach in preparing my both children to successfully sustain their medical school interviews. They found Julia’s insights and suggestions extremely beneficial and relevant. I would definitely recommend Julia’s coaching services”

Marius Rossi
Parent to medical school applicants

“Fantastic coaching for my Interview for a consultant job. Had a 2 hour session and it was definitely worth it. Did no other courses! “

Mez Aref-Adib
Medical Consultant

“Julia gave me valuable tips on how structure my job search, how to stay focused, which was a challenge for me and how to approach alternatives. She was helpful and made an effort to understand my specific needs and work with me. Coaching sessions were very productive.”

Angeliki Papalamprou
Healthcare Manager


Navigating the vast potential of medical & non-clinical careers including the challenges and opportunities can be difficult to do alone ….

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