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I’ve created these amazing resources to help you on your career transition journey. Having supported hundreds of doctors to leave medicine, I understand exactly what my clients need for a successful career change. These resources are packed full of essential information giving you a helping hand to reach your career goals quicker and easier – providing you with all the insights, tips and knowledge of an experienced career coach.

They are low-cost and easy to digest, making them very affordable, yet highly effective. If you’re serious and ready to consider leaving medicine for an alternative career, you don’t want to be without them!


A critically important bundle to help you to learn to ‘know thyself.’ It’s the first course of action on most career change programmes encouraging you to self-reflect and gain deeper personal insight to help make the right decisions to move forwards in your career. It includes a 12-page workbook and exercises to stimulate and broaden your self-awareness.

This is a ‘must-do’ piece of work before exploring alternative career options.



Wellbeing self-analysis questionnaire


Career reflections – now and future self


Addressing barriers to leaving medicine


Overcoming challenges to leave medicine


Strengths & Values Workbook


This bundle set will equip you with everything you need to get yourself ready for a career change and teach you how to stand out in a highly competitive job market. It provides indepth guidance on mindset and self-belief, often under-estimated but yet a super-important fundamental aspect of it.

It is designed to get you ‘out there’, in the easiest possible way building your confidence steadily with an abundance of tips and techniques. It focuses on the art of networking which needs to be built-in to every new career seeker’s plan. You will also learn how to craft an impressive elevator pitch ensuring that you know how to maximise every opportunity that you create.

Also includes a special bonus document ‘Career Transitioning Resources’ listing websites for some of the most popular career choices, job boards, and reading resources.



The power of mindset to manage change


Maximising LinkedIn for Career Transition


Nailing your 30-second elevator pitch


3 P’s of Networking


Developing a Networking Plan


*BONUS* – Career Transitioning Resources


Two key documents which will ensure your career research is thorough and detailed supporting you to analyse your findings, sector by sector. The extensive headings in each column will guide you to collate all relevant data of the career/job role so that you can build a detailed picture of jobs/careers to start narrowing down your best options.

This is a critical piece of work that ensures you evaluate your findings alongside your strengths and values.

The SMART Action Career Plan will help you to create goals, ensure you are on track and steer you forwards.

(This bundle is not text-heavy but is simply designed to help you create a realistic and achievable action plan).



Career Planner


SMART Action Career Plan


The ‘Competence Transferability’ is a winner for my clients who absolutely love this guide! Learn how to ‘wow’ others and convey your clinical skills and experience into industry/business language. Create powerful phrasing and learn how to impress with your new non-medical CV, LinkedIn profile and in interviews.

Includes a CV template to help you write a dynamic, impactful short CV. And an interview preparation guide to successfully plan ahead for a non-medical interview (it’s not the same as applying in the NHS!) and how to maximise STARR and action verbs to convey impressive achievements and outcomes.



Competence Transferability (a mini-guide)


Powerful preparation for non-medical interviews


STARR Technique for interviews


Action verbs & positive adjectives


Template for non-medical CV


If you’re absolutely committed to getting your new career on track, gain access to all four bundles to get a fantastic discount!

It’s a great way to make a commitment to yourself, take accountability and get started on your career transition journey.


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