Do you want to feel so confident at your next interview that you just know the interviewer is going to hire you?

Are you in awe of people who just ‘hold’ a room and wonder how they do it so effortlessly?

Do you want to stop the internal chatter in your head telling yourself that you’re not good enough?

Acquiring confidence is well within your reach if you’re willing to challenge self-limiting beliefs and develop a positive mindset

Why you don’t need to fake it

Most of the classic fixes designed to help people ‘get out there’ are all about transforming you into someone else – to be more articulate, more extrovert, more noticeable in order to get ahead. But this can be a huge waste of energy and talent. You don’t need to hope that you will, against all odds, suddenly become the most confident person in the room.

Many of the people I speak to have built up a personal barrier that makes them convinced they just can’t ‘do’ interviews, present confidently or network without feeling cringey about it. Often, they’ve compared themselves to others who they believe are doing a better job at it. But the truth is trying to compare yourself to someone else is completely pointless.

When we want to learn a new behaviour, we need to understand effective strategies that work to develop that behaviour, learn them for ourselves and then practise them. This can be applied to anything. You can begin to communicate confidently and with credibility by embedding new learned behaviours.

Don’t let the next amazing opportunity slip through your hands just because you didn’t believe you could do it …

Confidence coaching can help you to present with gravitas and conviction – whether it’s an interview, meeting or presentation. We will break down the mental blocks so that you have increased understanding of your belief patterns and can start to positively change them. It is for those who are open to maximising each and every opportunity, by knowing that you are as good as the next person. You will learn why you should no longer passively wait for opportunities to arise but to actively reach out into a world full of potential where aspirations become a reality.


Confidence coaching will help you to learn to adopt new strategies that you can use to raise your confidence in any setting. By applying these techniques, you will find instant improvements in how good you feel about yourself, the reactions of others and the increased opportunities that come your way.

Is it right for me?

Yes, it’s right for you if you want learn to:

  • Stop the negative self-talk and storytelling
  • Develop self-compassion; accept your anxiety and learn to override it 
  • Return to your best moments and recreate positive, powerful feelings
  • Overcome imposter syndrome and fear of exposure as a ‘fraud’
  • Learn 2-minute power poses to instantly boost your confidence
  • Master body language techniques to ‘act’ the part


  • Learn effective visualisation and anchoring techniques from Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Normalise rejection and transform hurt feelings to knowledge and power
  • Humanize the interview process and put yourself on an even-level playing field with the recruiter
  • Break down the illusion that everyone else is more confident than you just because they ‘appear’ more confident
  • Develop confidence beyond interviews; speaking in meetings, delivering presentations, building relationships with colleagues

Sessions last for 90 mins.


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I booked in a few sessions with Julia to increase my confidence when I was promoted into a Project Manager role. I learnt how important it was to stop comparing myself to others and to acknowledge where I was and what I had achieved so far in my career. I found the NLP technique of modelling the confident mannerisms of someone I admired to be really helpful in overcoming my fear of speaking out in team meetings. And to stop listening to that negative inner voice!
Thanks Julia

Eve Bardall

Project Manager, NHS

Call: 07951 581458



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