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A medical CV will deviate from the usual CV writing guidance insofar as the structure is different and they are much longer than the recommended two pages for a non-medical CV. They require a high level of detail on each aspect of a healthcare or medical career including clinical experience, research, publications and teaching, clinical governance, courses and management/leadership (for more senior positions). For this reason, they can run the risk of reading as a long list of data so it’s extremely important to ensure your CV is both eye-catching and engaging.

A well-designed, well-structured medical CV with powerful content positioning is pivotal to your success.

Your CV should tell your story. It should be clear, even at a glance, why you are the best person for the role. 

CVs that get shortlisted are those which have been tailored to the specifics of the job role requirement.

But writing a medical CV may feel like a challenging task and you may have limited time or would just prefer to have it written for you.

I have supported professionals across a broad spectrum of healthcare and medical roles and can leverage a powerful combination of industry knowledge and writing expertise to help craft medical CVs that drive results.

We will arrange an initial 1 hour consultation In order to draw out your experience and expertise.  A first draft is usually offered within 3-5 working days following our discussion but in exceptional circumstances, a quicker turnaround time may be possible. This service includes unlimited edits until you are completely happy with your new CV.

Medical CV Coaching, Editing & Writing Service

There is an argument which states that a CV shouldn’t be written by a third party and that instead, it should be in the language and style of the individual so that it represents a truer picture of them. Not everyone agrees with this and much of it will depend on time, budget, and inclination … But maybe this is you? It might be that your medical CV has been successful for you previously and you just require some guidance in making sure it hits the right spots for your next job application or maybe you would like to start afresh but just need a helping hand to get it right? 

By having me on board, I can bring a fresh pair of eyes and industry expertise to guide and support you – one that can help you to articulate your distinctive skills and attributes in a way that shows the value you bring to your future employer.

Together, we will create your new medical CV which will position you as a competitive candidate and formidable contender. I will explain key successful strategies and provide you with a list of power/action verbs to include, examples of layout & design and knowledge of the all-important ‘tailoring’ of your CV to ensure it is specific and targeted to the role.

​The process of crafting a compelling medical CV will also provide a useful basis for your interview as it will encourage you to elicit your individual strengths, quantify your achievements and build on your stories.

The format

Our collaboration will begin with a coaching call of approximately 40 mins to talk through your career – your achievements, your aspirations and the next role you are seeking.

You will have a clear action plan to get started with all the supporting documents to get you started.

You will send me your first draft, I will make any suggested amendments to it and provide a second marked-up edited version. This is usually sufficient to get your medical CV looking top-notch but if further amendments still need to be made, a third and final review will be offered.

You can also download my FREE Medical CV Template by clicking on this link:

Medical application forms, supporting statement & LinkedIn

My CV Coaching service can also be extended to include support with successful strategies for medical application forms including supporting statements, LinkedIn profiles and cover letters (if applying outside of the NHS).

Whilst many NHS professionals often undervalue the impact of a strong Linkedin profile, others in more senior roles are realising the powerful potential of optimising their profile to be easily found by recruiters & employers. And, of course, to leverage the amazing networking opportunities from it!

If you would like assistance with your medical application form, supporting statement or LinkedIn profile,  please get in touch. The cost will vary according to level and experience.

Julia helped me to produce a great CV and cover letter – as a mum returning to the workplace, I felt a little out of the loop. I had to make sure that I was selling my previous supervisory and management skills as the role was a step up. My final CV was packed full of achievements which really impressed the interviewers and helped with my interview answers too. Would never have got the job without her!

Sara Davis

Health & Wellbeing Lead

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