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Alternative medical careers

Thinking about exploring an alternative medical career?

Doctors are walking away from the NHS like never seen before. Yet there is huge overwhelm about how to break into other industries in the non-clinical sector. Despite this, most are finding that a medical career is just now becoming unsustainable and are willing to embrace the idea of a different career beyond medicine.

But, leaving medicine is often a difficult choice particularly in understanding what alternative medical careers are available.

And, of course, it’s not just doctors but others too who are feeling that they can no longer continue to work amidst the ongoing and relentless pressures of the NHS. Much of my work involves alternative medical careers for nurses or many of the allied healthcare professions.

As a first step, coaching would involve an opportunity to pause, reflect and take stock of your life. We would begin by exploring your strengths, passions, values and visualising the type of life you would like to have in the future. By recognising the skills, talents and qualities that you could offer an employer or apply to your own business, you gain a greater understanding of who you are now. 

What are the ‘transferable’ skills when exploring alternative medical careers?

Generally, having a medical-based background means that you will have developed a broad range of transferable skills that you can utilise for alternative medical careers. Typically, they would include team working, leadership, problem-solving, communication skills, decision-making, working under pressure, time-management, analysing data and planning. You may recognise that you possess these qualities but be unsure of how best you ‘sell’ them in another career.

Therefore, self-reflection is only the start. Navigating your way through career change can feel overwhelming to go through it all alone. Understandably, it can be difficult to know where to begin when it comes to seeking an alternative medical career. 

I have worked extensively with doctors and nurses to help them through a career change, and understand the mindset needed to successfully do so. Alongside this, I bring my industry knowledge to help healthcare professionals break into other non-clinical careers.

Book a coaching call or sign-up for my early-bird offer for my new ONLINE COURSE in Alternative Careers for Doctors coming soon by dropping me an email.

Coaching can offer you:

* Greater understanding of yourself and alignment with the right career

* Clarity and relief from overwhelm with a bespoke career plan to move forward

* Confidence to convey your worth to others both personally and in monetary value

* Skills to develop a commercial mindset which are highly sought by roles in industry

* The opportunity to transform your career to build one which is both sustainable and rewarding

Check out one of my career coaching packages to support you through a career change.

For an A-Z list of alternative medical careers for doctors, use this as a starting point to explore a range of career opportunities available to you


“I have been working with Julia for several months and she has helped me in securing a job of my dreams. She advised me to email and approach private providers. If it hadn’t been for her suggestion I wouldn’t have a new job. She was kind and compassionate throughout coaching and gave great advice. Thank you”


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