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Don’t leave it to luck, chance or fate to decide your future.

Career coaching unlocks potential and transforms lives. Gain confidence in yourself and your decisions, maximise your performance, career progression and sense of fulfilment.

Not everyone can envisage a clear career path from a young age but in my experience, I’ve found many medical and healthcare professionals are driven by a deep, genuine desire to work in a role where they can truly make a difference to people.

Some will say that it’s a ‘calling’ or a ‘vocation’ which goes way beyond that of being just a job for them.

And why not? Why shouldn’t you aspire for a career that brings job satisfaction, fulfilment and a passion to bring your best self to work every day?

However, the reality is that careers are often more complicated than that. Sometimes we’re able to navigate those hurdles that our working life throws at us and sometimes we’re not, at least not without additional support, advice and guidance. And in my experience, people don’t usually seek help until they have a career dilemma.

What can career coaching offer?

There are many reasons why you might feel that now is the time to explore your career options. It may be that you are feeling disillusioned with your career or you’ve lost your passion for it, or that you would like a new career challenge but you’re not sure in which direction to head. Or perhaps that you feel burnt out and want to consider exploring alternative career options which could make use of your transferable clinical skills. 

Whatever your reason, seeking career fulfilment is important – we often spend more time at work than we do with our families, so you’ve got to make sure your career is both sustainable and enjoyable.

But career changes are big decisions and require a period of self-reflection which can often be difficult to do alone. Sometimes we genuinely cannot see the wood for the trees because we can feel as if we cannot get off the treadmill of being in our job, rather than having the opportunity to reflect on it. Or we may feel paralyzed by our own limited, tunnel vision making it difficult to explore other potential opportunities.

This is when career coaching can help – it allows you valuable time away from your present reality to think, pause, reflect, reboot – and to have someone hold up the mirror to your own career and help you to decide the next important steps.

That’s how I can support you.

Career coaching can help you at any stage of your professional journey, whether you recently graduated and uncertain of where you would like to specialise or want support to plan out your route to a successful career. Sometimes we need help to make sure we are steering in the right direction during the earlier part of our working life and other times, for a multitude of reasons, we can find ourselves stuck, at a crossroads or experiencing a career dilemma. 


Coaching will help you to become clearer about your strengths, interests, values and personal stressors. It helps to cut through the confusion and uncertainty that career dilemmas can pose and may challenge you to view your career from an alternative perspective and to identify and overcome barriers to change. The process will help to identify and research possible career options and pathways that are aligned with these, potentially in a similar role, a sideways move or a complete career change.

Through our discussions, you will develop a clear action plan with achievable outcomes and receive support to be accountable for them. Ultimately, coaching helps to define exactly where you really want to be headed next in your career.

The benefits of career coaching are usually best when a series of sessions are booked together to allow time for research and reflection in between them. However, you can just book a one-off session if you wish to have a sounding board to talk through a quick decision you are trying to make.



Is it right for me?

Yes, if you are currently facing a career challenge, dilemma or are at a crossroads, coaching will benefit you.

It can help to:

  • Consider which speciality or healthcare route to choose
  • Understand whether further study may benefit
  • Decide whether to take a promotion or change roles
  • Create growth opportunities in your current role
  • Plan and mark out a clear career progression route
  • Develop networking skills to maximise job opportunities or get a role created for you
  • Gain confidence/delegation skills in leadership roles 
  • Improve resilience skills to ensure a sustainable career
  • Explore and develop a portfolio career
  • Support mid-career professionals who are feeling burned-out 
  • Consider leaving the medical sector and seek a non-clinical role
  • Return to work after a period of ill-health or a significant career break
  • Explore unadvertised opportunities in the ‘hidden job market’
  • Support senior individuals approaching retirement 

Packages start from £495


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Do also view my Career Packages to gain the benefits of discounts on multiple bookings. Full career coaching packages often include CV/job application coaching & interview skills coaching. 

Julia helped me a lot to find my career goal, and to finalise my resumes and cover letters. She is extremely professional, smiling and easy-going. She takes time to really understand you deeply and to help you the best she can. I highly recommend her services. Thank you very much Julia!

Anaïs Soula

Research Scientist

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