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Medical interview coaching

Booking on for medical interview coaching can support you well beyond that of signing up to a medical interview course.  As it offers support on a one-to-one basis, it is uniquely personalised for your individual needs. For this reason, I often find that my clients are much more relaxed and open about sharing their examples than they are in a group setting.

Depending on your needs and the level of the position you are applying for, I will work with you to ensure you are feeling as confident as you possibly can in preparation for your interview.

Medical interview coaching can be helpful whether you are applying for a position at  ST/CT/SPR/Consultant level or higher. Over the years, I have also supported individuals applying for Medical & Clinical Director positions. In my experience, I commonly find that whilst my clients are confident with their clinical skills, they often struggle with the soft skills or those questions that require them to talk about themselves! Without doubt, this can feel awkward when it’s not usual to talk about ourselves in such a way in our everyday speech.

During my sessions, I will help you to normalise these and other interview questions so that you can answer the questions authentically.

In essence, embarking on one or more sessions for medical interview coaching is an essential part of interview preparation for many of my clients who want to give themselves the best opportunity to succeed.

What does medical interview coaching include?

Of course, it depends on the role/level of your interview. However, in general, there are certain topics that are important to cover in medical interview coaching and even in just one session I will make sure we touch on everything.

Typically, during medical interview coaching sessions, the topics would cover learning to:

– bring clear structure to your answers (and making sure you aren’t waffling – use each question as an opportunity to sell yourself

– personalise your answers and drawing on examples from your experience and achievements

– create a rapport with the interviews and speaking naturally and with ease

– give a well-balanced and mature answer to NHS issues and topics

– deliver effective answers to questions on teaching, research and clinical governance

– handle questions about conflict/and or difficult colleagues

– understand the impact of body language in interviews


You will always be given an opportunity to inform me of any particular areas of concern beforehand or specific questions you would like to address

If you have an upcoming interview and would like support through medical interview coaching, get in contact with me to book a free consultation.

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