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Whilst jobs in the medical and healthcare sector are generally considered a ’safe bet,’ it may be that your department needs to reduce their staffing levels which might be due to services closing, hospital trusts merging or a major re-organisation taking place. It can lead to redundancies or restructuring of roles requiring employees to re-apply for their position or a similar post.

This can often be a very tense and difficult process and you may have staff whom you wish to support through it with an outplacement service to assist them with their next job role.

 I have extensive experience of designing and delivering outplacement workshops for the public and private sector. Outplacement training can focus on one particular area or can be a combination of any of the following according to your organisation’s needs: 

Outplacement can include:

  • CV writing/Job applications
  • Cover letters/LinkedIn bios
  • Networking skills
  • Job search strategy
  • Interview skills
  • Career change

Training is offered on a very flexible basis – from as brief as a one-hour webinar to fit in with the schedule of busy healthcare professionals and offered in short, bite-sized learning up to a full training day (delivered both online and in-person).

Coaching can also be offered for individuals on a one-to-one basis.

Those who enter the medical and healthcare sector generally do so because it offers a highly rewarding career. However, at the same time it is also widely known how stressful and pressurised it can be to work in the sector.

The word ‘resilience’ has become commonplace and is a trait that many have acquired through working in this environment. But we all have our own breaking points and increasingly, we are hearing more about ‘burn-out’ as healthcare professionals struggle to cope with the excessive demands put upon them.

Having worked with MIND, the mental health charity, to deliver Wellbeing and Mental Health Awareness sessions for employees and managers, I have gained a deep understanding of how to support individuals in the workplace to recognise their own strengths, triggers and to develop long-term coping mechanisms.

I can offer individual, wellbeing/resilience coaching sessions for any employees whom your organisation may wish to support.

Coaching can help with the following: 

  • Auditing their day for maximum energy
  • Developing emotional intelligence for self-regulation
  • Increasing assertiveness levels
  • Developing better understanding of how to master challenges
  • Adopting effective time-management strategies
  • Managing difficult conversations
  • Maintaining agility during change
  • Establishing flow moments
  • Re-igniting a sense of purpose


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