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Non-clinical jobs for doctors offer a wide and exciting range of possibilities. A career change can be daunting for anyone but is especially nerve racking for doctors. You have already undergone years of training, have spent thousands of pounds on achieving your career, only to find that the relentless work load, the strain on your mental health and the issues within the NHS have turned your dream vocation into one which is no longer sustainable.

Many doctors are leaving the NHS as a result of pressure. However, this doesn’t mean your career choice has been a mistake. There are plenty of non-clinical jobs for doctors out there that can be just as valuable and rewarding as your usual role and will not leave you out of pocket compared with your NHS counterparts.

Let’s take a look at some of the options.

A career in Health Tech for doctors

Health Tech is the practice of using technology in healthcare so covers just about everything involved with health care, including the electronic appointments system, the computer software in radiology, the processing of images and much more across all branches of medicine.

Health tech is always evolving with apps and new ways of processing and disseminating information across the medical platform both in the public and private sector.

As a doctor, you already have first hand experience of using health tech and combined with your medical knowledge and experience makes you extremely employable in a growing sector.

Working in Health Tech is a great way to stay involved with medicine and gives you the chance to use your medical skills and training without getting “hands on”.

There are numerous non-clinical jobs for doctors within the health tech industry at all levels and not all of them are technical. For example the many health tech start ups out there require the services of qualified doctors in an advisory capacity. And if you are passionate about tech and medical research you could be involved with cutting edge research via companies such as Brain Lab.

Checking out Linked In is a great start point if you are considering a health tech role and want to find out more about your options.

Careers in Pharma for doctors 

The pharmaceutical industry develops drugs and medical equipment and is crucial for the advances of medical treatment across healthcare. Without pharmaceuticals there would be no advances in the treatment of disease so a career in Pharma for doctors makes a difference to many people’s lives whether you are looking for non clinical jobs for doctors or prefer something more hands on.

In general, there are two types of Pharma Company; Big Pharma – the multinational corporations such as Pfizer and Astra Zeneca. There are also smaller pharmaceutical companies known as Small Pharma which specialise in producing niche products for specific conditions and often liaise directly with the NHS.

There are a range of careers in Pharma for doctors. For example, a clinical research physician oversees clinical trials and monitors the participants. You may work as a medical science liaison officer and there are opportunities to work for the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) that oversees efficacy and safety.

A career in Pharma for doctors can be extremely rewarding. To enter the industry joining the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine and getting specialised training will help you launch your new career in Pharma.

A career in management consulting for doctors 

A management consultant works for an organisation and oversees efficiency and development while identifying problem areas and developing strategies for future growth of the company or organisation.

Becoming a management consultant is a popular career path for doctors who wish to leave medicine. It offers many of the same challenges of problem solving, managing a team, explaining difficult concepts and working under extreme pressure. As non clinical jobs for doctors go, this seems a long way from the rigours of medicine and patient care, yet it employs many of the same management skills that most doctors have developed over their careers.

A management consultant needs to be able to lead and work long hours and if this sounds familiar to your role in the NHS, remember that as a management consultant you will be well-paid and fully supported as you progress through your career.

As a doctor, specializing in healthcare companies will enable you to utilise your training and experience. However, employers in all sectors look favourably on doctors who have already succeeded in a career and are looking for a new challenge.

If you are interested in becoming a management consultant check out Management Consulting For Medics and find out if you have what it takes to start a new and lucrative corporate career. Becoming a management consultant might not be the easiest route if you are looking for non-clinical jobs for doctors; however this role comes with high status and is extremely well-paid.

A career in wellness / lifestyle medicine and coaching for doctors 

Lifestyle medicine is built around the idea that many health conditions and illnesses are caused by lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise, sleep, mental state and other lifestyle choices. This leads to the premise that if patients change their lifestyles it not only improves their general health it can lead to a reversal of their medical conditions.

Many doctors are turning to careers in lifestyle medicine and coaching and this can be a good choice for career development.

Lifestyle medicine supports patients into making better life choices and so improves their health and wellbeing. This type of medicine can work alongside many clinical specialities including diabetes, endocrinology, gastroenterology, pain relief and mental health so as a lifestyle professional you have plenty of areas in which to practice.

There are not many NHS jobs in the lifestyle sector although this movement is gathering momentum in some surgeries. However if you are looking for non clinical jobs for doctors, this is a booming area within the private sector. In addition you could always set up your own lifestyle coaching business and go it alone.

Lifestyle medicine has long been tainted with an idea of quackery so the fact that you are a qualified doctor will reassure potential patients whether you work for a private clinic or start your own business.

Becoming a solopreneur within the lifestyle coaching niche can be rewarding as well as profitable. In addition, it enables you to operate your business as a side gig to your usual medical role if you don’t feel ready to quit just yet.

It may be well worth qualifying with The British Society of Lifestyle Medicine. This organisation has very stringent regulations but will give you all-round support to develop your career in lifestyle medicine.