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Using a medical CV template

Indeed, using a medical cv template is highly recommended as it provides a helpful starting place as a structure to build your CV.

Obviously, if you’ve not updated your CV for a long time, it can be difficult to know what relevant details to add including the order and layout. Using a medical CV template will ensure that you understand the key criteria that should be included and the best way to ‘sell’ your experience.

As medical CVs deviate from the usual non-clinical CV requirements, it’s helpful to have a structure to use with clearly defined sections. Following the proposed recommendations will make writing your CV much easier.

To begin, before writing your CV, it’s worth creating a list of ALL your achievements with a focus on the last 5-10 years. Focusing on this firstly will be especially helpful in creating the bare bones of your CV before fleshing it out. Additionally, try to start each phrase with a power verb or active word (see medical CV template sample below). And always, always attempt to demonstrate quantifiable and measureable outcomes. For example, reduced costs by 10% by buying in bulk ….

Using a medical CV template to write your CV

The following outlines the key headings to consider on your medical or healthcare CV

  • Personal Profile
  • Education & Qualifications
  • Career History
  • Clinical Skills (including sub-headings of relevant clinical areas)
  • Management & Leadership
  • Teaching
  • Clinical Governance & Audits
  • Publications/Posters/Presentations
  • References

In addition, to help you further and gain a clear understanding of the aesthetic look and structure of a medical CV, You can also download my FREE Medical CV Template by clicking on this link

Because most people don’t think about updating their CV until they are job-seeking, it can be difficult to remember all the achievements you’ve had in your career. For that reason, it’s very useful to keep adding to it as you go along. That way, key achievements won’t be forgotten or missed and it will always be up-to-date and much easier to write when you need it. In addition, it also makes for a less difficult time when preparing for an interview as you then just need to focus on the best way to present your achievements which are already listed.  In essence, if you keep everything up-to-date you’ll have a much easier time for CV writing and medical interviews.


Depending on your available time and willingness to write your CV yourself, you may want to seek information about my full CV writing or editing service if you wish to have some professional support.

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