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There are many factors to consider around the cost of having someone write your CV. Firstly, what type of CV is it? Does it require specific industry knowledge? What is the level of experience of the person requiring the CV? Does it require a full re-write or is simply a CV editing service sufficient?

Is it worth the cost to have someone write your CV?

As a career coach, of course I will say that it’s worth the cost to have someone write your CV! However, some career theorists will say that you shouldn’t have someone write your CV. The reason for that is because some believe it should be written in your own words. Personally, I disagree because if you don’t possess good writing skills, how will it get through the initial screening process?

You have your own unique talents, as do I, as a career coach and CV writer. For example, you may be a doctor, nurse or a dentist who has spent years and years of clinical training. Therefore, your work focus has purely been within that area. Understandably, I wouldn’t propose to be able to pull out someone’s tooth from reading a guidebook on it! Of course, you may not be putting anyone else at harm (as I would!) from pulling their tooth. However, you may be harming your chances of getting shortlisted if your CV doesn’t hit the mark.

What would be your salary increase for your next career move?

If you’ll earn an extra few thousand pounds in your next career move and you invest £250 or more in having your CV written, surely it’s then worth the investment?

So, let me ask you that question again …. Do you think it’s worth the cost to have someone wite your CV? Firstly, you should ask yourself how much more you could earn if you were successful in obtaining your next role? How much would your salary increase by? When you take into account the cost to have someone write your CV versus the increase in salary you could get, the answer is obvious!

And how many times are you going to go round in circles trying to do it all yourself to save money? In the long-term, what’s the loss of potential earnings you could’ve made if you had invested in the cost to have someone write your CV? The bottom line is, it’s a very short-sighted way of looking at your career. You think you’re saving money by giving it your best shot, but it your best shot isn’t getting you shortlisted each time, may you will agree too and acknowledge that it is, indeed, worth the cost to have someone write your CV.

Why I believe it’s worth the cost to have someone write your CV?

I have extensive experience of supporting healthcare professionals and have largely focused on the medical sector for the past 11 years, so I have specialist skills and understanding in writing a medical CV. There are plenty of CV writing companies out there who may offer lower-priced services, but they will doubtfully have the specialist knowledge required as they usually write CVs for all industries.

To find out more about my full CV writing and editing services, you can get in contact with me. My fee depends on the work involved. For example, an editing only service will be cheaper as you will still write the CV yourself and I will give you ongoing feedback. Usually, £250 is the starting point for a junior clinical position and the price will increase accordingly for more senior posts.

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